What is the purpose of the campaign?

The purpose of the Imagine: Freedom to do More campaign is to drastically reduce or eliminate the debt owed on the building addition. Doing so will provide the opportunity to expand future outreach and increase our commitment to missions, evangelism, children and youth ministries. With over 20,000 people in Woodford County who do not attend church on a given Sunday, we need to be relieved of any burdens which might hinder our quest to make Jesus known in Versailles and around the world!


How will reducing our debt help us?

Currently our monthly mortgage payment is $12,187.  Imagine what we could fund on an ongoing basis with that money.  We could improve funding for our Hispanic ministry, sponsor a church plant, develop ministerial internship programs, establish new missions partnerships, and subsidize mission trips, making them more affordable for everyone.  These are just a few ideas for long-term projects that right now we cannot afford to do because of our debt.


Additionally, paying off our debt by 2023 will save us $407,500 in interest alone.  Imagine the capital improvements we could make with that sum – we could remodel our children’s area, purchase and stock a block party trailer, replace our aging church van, update our educational space, and enlarge our crowded nursery area.


Imagine how we could maximize our resources once we conquer this debt!


How can I help?

  • First and foremost, you can pray regularly for our “Imagine: Freedom to Do More” campaign.
  • Participate in all the events and services during the campaign. This  will help you make an informed decision about your level of support.
  • Give sacrificially.  In order to pay down the debt it will take a commitment from everyone to give above and beyond our regular tithes and offerings.


How long is the commitment for this campaign?

This campaign will run for three years.


Why should I sign a pledge to the “Imagine: Freedom to Do More” campaign?

It is common for people to make financial commitments every day in the form of signed agreements.  A campaign pledge is an agreement or covenant between the person making the pledge and the Lord, to symbolize our “faith promise” to God

The pledge amount and subsequent giving remain at the discretion of the person who is pledging.  A deliberate decision to obey God is solidified by completing a commitment card, which enables the church to know what to expect and how to plan or make informed financial decisions.